To set a novel, unified industry standard, addressing the challenge of trans-membrane delivery of genetic drugs for clinical use.

About Us

Aposense is a highly innovative Israeli biotechnology company with full capacity research facilities and scientific leadership, headed by the Professor Roger D Kornberg, Nobel Prize Laureate, 2006. Aposense developed a universal platform entitled Molecular Nano-Motors (MNMs) for the delivery of genetic drugs, such as siRNA, into cells based on a novel mechanism of action, utilizing membrane electrical forces.

Our Technology

Fascinated by the fact that every cell harbours its own discrete and strong powerhouse, Aposense developed rationally designed Molecular Nano-Motors, being novel small-molecule chemical entities, capable of “energy mining” from the Internal Membrane Electric Field, and its translation into kinetic energy, for movement within the hydrophobic membrane core.

Our therapeutic areas

Platform technology extending widely beyond the Liver, unlocking novel targets for genetic therapeutics.

In the news

December 2021

SirVir to present at the Biotech showcase in San Francisco (January 10-12 , 2021)

March 2021

Aposense and Bioasis Technologies Inc. Enter into a Research Collaboration

February 2021

SirVir Ltd., an Aposense subsidiary in the field of respiratory viral infections announce the fulfillment of a $14M milestone investment